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    multiple-field primary keys with code (Access 2000)

    I have a table that relates two other tables in a many-to-many relationship. This is the The Order Details table
    in the Northwind sample database relating the Orders and Products tables. Its primary key consists of two fields:
    OrderID and ProductID. I have sometimes to put these pirmary keys with code, but i cant do that.

    Ususally for the orders table i use the following code

    CurrentDb.Execute "CREATE INDEX PrimaryKey ON OrdersTemp (orderid) WITH PRIMARY"
    And it works fine.

    I cannot apply this code however for the table order details like that:

    CurrentDb.Execute "CREATE INDEX PrimaryKey ON [order details] (orderid) WITH PRIMARY"
    CurrentDb.Execute "CREATE INDEX PrimaryKey ON [order details] (productid) WITH PRIMARY"

    I receice an error 3022 saying that the changes are not successful because they would create duplicate values
    in the index,primary key or relationship.
    I think i cannot find a way to write multiple key primary codes.
    Can i receive some advice is it possible to assign multple keys with the CurrentDb.execute method?
    Of course i have no problems in doing it manually,but my question is can i do it by code?

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    Re: multiple-field primary keys with code (Access 2000)

    You're trying to create the primary key twice, once for each field. That is not possible.

    Instead, create it once with both fields:

    CurrentDb.Execute "CREATE INDEX PrimaryKey ON [Order Details] (OrderID, ProductID) WITH PRIMARY"

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