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    Log In (Office XP)

    I installed Office XP over 2k and now every time I go to Outlook it asks for my log-in information and password. I guess the information it wants is my Road Runner password, but that does not seem to satisfy it and it never accepts it. If I cancel or hit the X and close the box it goes away and I get my mail anyway. This seems like the pesky old windows log-in from FTP days. Anyone know how to make the log in box go away?

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    Re: Log In (Office XP)

    Are you at home? If so, go to the control panel and double-click mail (or mail and fax). Make sure there is nothing in there that you don't specifically recognize or did not set up yourself. If you're not sure, ask. You should also be able to get the same thing from Tools-Accounts in Outlook, but this sounds weird enough that I'd like it better if you check both.

    Also, if you're not at work, it's highly unlikely that you should have any exchange server accounts.

    Also try control-panel, Passwords. Perhaps there's something in there telling Outlook to have a separate password. But I think this would depend on your operating system.

    If you can't find anything, lemme know your OS.

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