I recently posted some templates for downloading. Subsequently I encountered a problem with a document I created from a similar template. A colleague viewing a document I had sent, reported a typo. He told me it was on Page 10 but when I looked at it, the typo was on Page 9. I was using Word 2000 whereas he was using Word 97. After a lot of digging around, the problem was identified.
If a paragraph style has 6 point spacing before and 6 point spacing after, then
In Word 97 the space between paragraphs is 12 points.
In Word 2000, the space between paragraphs is 6 points!
Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q224686 explains.
The templates I posted with the title "Standard Report Template A4 / US Letter Size" have been updated. The appearance when viewed before in Word 2000, is now the same in Word 97.
I have also rewritten the code that produces the built in tables to make it more efficient and easier to follow. The macros are commented to explain how they work and make customisation easier.