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    Autoexec macro behaviour (Access 2000)

    Autoexec problem

    i have problems with the autoexec macro and what is strange not in all computers but only with older versions.
    With the newer computers i do not have this problem.
    The problem is the following.I have a database that opens with an autoexec macro.This autoexec macro triggers a function called
    FncAutoexec.This function calls 2 other functions called AddDAO and DataProcessing.After that the database must be closed.
    I use Application.Quit. :
    Public Function FncAutoexec()
    End Function

    Actually my code works, and processes the data,however after that on the older computers i receive the message
    " cannot find the path and make sure all the libbraries are available"
    which is not true, since both the path and the library are present.
    I have to click once again and then it is ok,actually one could work with the database but with a nuisance.
    Also,when i used on FncAutoexec in the OnClick event of form, and if the function is not triggered by an autoexec macro,then i receive no message ,
    everything runs smootly and the database is closed without ny problems.

    Can somebody help me to use my function with an autoexec macro in all computers? Actually it is not so important to me to know why the macro works diffrenetly in different computers.What i want is to find a way or code that closes the autoexec macro suseffully without giving a wrong message .
    I will be very grateful for any help

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    Re: Autoexec macro behaviour (Access 2000)

    Sorry, but it's nearly impossible to answer a question like this without knowing what is going on in the two routines you're calling from the FncAutoexec. It appears that when you call the routines from the AutoExec macro, you're trying to do something before the system is completely ready, but when you run the code from a form, everything has loaded and the app is ready to execute the routines without error. <img src=/S/shrug.gif border=0 alt=shrug width=39 height=15>

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