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    Importing Excel file (Access 97)

    I am importing a data base from Excel in to Access. Our original data base was sent to U.S. Postal Services for verifying and correcting addresses. When the data base was returned, it was in an Excel file. The Excel file containing the zip code column used a "custom format" which put zeros in to correct zip code numbers that lacked the zeros either in front or end of the zip code. When I imported the file into Access, it stripped the zeros. I also received error messages which I assumed had to do with the zeros being stripped. Is there a way to put the zeros back in under Access without keystroking zeros in every zip code? Is there a way to format a column or cell to do this in Access. I tried importing the Excel file into different programs and then in to Access but whether it was QuattroPro or ASCII file it stripped the zeros.

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    Re: Importing Excel file (Access 97)

    In Excel, look at the custom number format and write it down or (better) copy it to the clipboard.

    Then, create an empty column to the right of the zip codes. Next to the first zip code, enter the following formula:


    Replace A2 by the cell containing the zip code, and numberformat by the custom format.

    Fill down as far as needed. Now, you have a column with the zip codes as text. Put a column heading above it.

    Import into Access again and skip the original zip code column.

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