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    Macro Security Warning Dialog (Office 2000 SR1)

    I was under the impression that with a macro security setting of Medium, you don't get the warning when accessing files in your Startup, Workgroup Templates or User Templates folders - am I correct in thinking this?

    I have one user who gets the Macro Security warning dialog when she launches Word - once for each of our 2 startup templates; and also every time she runs a template (which are all located in her specified User templates or Workgroup templates locations), and then also every time she opens a document that was based on one of these templates. Her security setting is medium. No one else on the network has the problem.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Macro Security Warning Dialog (Office 2000 SR1)

    Hi Hoshi,
    Does she have "Trust all installed add-ins and templates" ticked? This is in the Security dialog, Trusted Sources tab.

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