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    Help Button on Menu Bar (Office Premium 2000)

    I have accidentally lost my HELP button from my Menu Bar. Can anyone help me to get it back?

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    Re: Help Button on Menu Bar (Office Premium 2000)

    Which menu bar? They aren't shared between applications. The Office apps allow you to customize your toolbars, including dragging buttons off of them, and it sounds like that may be what you did. If so, you can put it back the same way, by right clicking the toolbar area and selecting Customize. You'll see a dialog that includes a tab with a list of the menubars and a couple more including Commands and Options. You can select the menubar that is missing its Help in the Toolbars tab and then select the Commands tab to see the built in menu commands. You should find a Help menu there, and you can drag it to the toolbar that is missing its Help icon. Then close the customize dialog and your menubar should be back to normal.

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