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    Sharing workbooks crash (XL 2000)

    Hi, I have a shared workbook that is stored on a shared drive. When I (author/owner) have the workbook open and multiple users are in the workbook, Excel will crash--displaying a message box that reads :Fatal Exception/Program will be terminated. This seems to happen less frequently when I disable Autosave, but still occurs.

    Also, when I have the workbook open and other users input information, they get a message box stating Macros are disabled and have to click ok. This happens each time the enter information into a cell! I don't have any macros in the workbook!!! <img src=/S/aflame.gif border=0 alt=aflame width=15 height=15>

    Does anybody have a clue?

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    Re: Sharing workbooks crash (XL 2000)

    Two remarks, but unfortunately no solution.

    - I try to avoid shared workbooks as much as possible, since XL is not very good at that.
    - Try if my Autosafe addin is any better, download it at:

    Edited Mar 13th 2004 to update link
    Jan Karel Pieterse
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