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    I refer to this MS support article on the log file for disk defrag settings.

    The article indicates that programs optimized by DD are listed under the "Programs Optimized by Disk Defragmenter section" (see below). Does the absence of such list in the log file indicate that all programs other than those excluded from optimization are optimized? Obviously, DD is doing something, because I see it move things around (sometimes).

    I do not see any way to add any program to the log file so that it is optimized.

    Edited by me to include the following

    Surely there must be some method or madness to determine which files get optimized first. Since I use Excel the most, does Excel and all the workbooks get put next, or does Excel get put first, followed by lesser used programs, and then the workbooks, documents, and other data?

    Expounding on this thought, what about a lesser used program that has not been used in a while. If I suddenly use this program, and then run defrag, is it put first, or is it based purely on the number of times used? In my log file, I have an FTP program that is used every day through the FTP software's internal scheduler, yet that program is listed in the "Do not optimize section". Iexplore.exe is also listed in the Do not optimize section.
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