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    Bargraph Report (Office XP)


    I have two problems with a bar graph report. The bar graph is based on a parameter query that lists both the number and type of client contacts between two dates. The dates are requested when the report opens. I used between [enter the first date] and [enter the second date] as the criteria in the query that the report is based upon.

    The bar graph opens OK and I can view it, however, when I attempt to print it, the query seems to run again i.e it prompts for the dates again.

    I use this approach for a lot of other reports and it works fine.

    Secondly, the bar graph lists the client contact type on the x axis with a count at the top of the bar. On top of the bar is the actual number e.g. 9, but there is only a tiny gap between the top of the bar and the number. In some circumstances, this makes the actual number very hard to read.

    While you can get a general idea of the number from the y axis, there is a need to be able to view the number clearly.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Bargraph Report (Office XP)

    Hello Peter,

    I have no ideas about the first question.

    About the second question:

    You can experiment with the placement of the data labels. Double click the chart (in design view of the report), then double click the data labels; in the last tab you can set the label position.

    As an alternative, you can show the data table instead of data labels. You can set this by (double clicking the chart and) selecting Chart/Chart Options, Data Table tab.

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