Hi. I work in a small office of 3 people and we have been using Schedule + (Office 95) as the office diary for sometime now. Each Win98/Office97 machine has Schedule + installed on it, and the datafiles reside on a shared server. Working perfectly!

Problem: As the office IT guy :-) it is my job to upgrade the Win98 machines. First machine built, running Win2K and Office 97 (Running Office 97 for Access reasons). I go to open Schedule + for the first time, and instead of "looging on" as such, it wants me to set up the mail profiles..... When i tell it to ignore, it sends me round in a circle....

Not seen this before, so i presume it has something to do with Win2K. I'm assuming i could uninstall Office97, set up Schedule +, and reinstall Office97, but does anyone know why this is happening and a quicker way around the problem???

As a reminder, we only use Schedule + for diary functions. Company email is collected on a completely separate machine.