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    ODBC and Access 2K (SR1)

    I have encountered a problem using Access 2000 linked to SQLServer 2000 tables using an ODBC string connection

    This problem only occurs when accessing the database from some PC's and not others.
    On my test network we do not see the problem at all, but on the clients system (Exchange Server 2K and Win 2K pcs) it occurs with PCs connected on the LAN. If the Access application is on the same machine as the SQL Server the
    problem never shows.

    The Problem: -
    1) 2 tables in the SQL Server database have a relationship one to many and triggers that allow
    cascade deletes.
    2) When adding a new record to the primary table, in table view, the record is added but after moving to the next record (ie Updating the new record and creating the new autonumber) the displayed record is the duplicate of the previous record. ie the records are identical including the auto number! and the added records appears not to be there.
    3) If the table is closed or sorted then the added record shows OK.
    4) This effect is ONLY seen on tables that a relationship to one or more tables.
    5) This problem is not seen when running on terminal services.
    6) I can reproduce the problem on my home pier to pier windows 2K network, the only difference between the PCs is the
    MDAC version number.

    Could I be right in think this might be a version problem with the MDAC drivers?
    Has anyone else had this sort of experience?

    Any help on this will be much appreciated.


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    Re: ODBC and Access 2K (SR1)

    That's a pretty good bet - you get different version of the MDAC depending on what software is installed where. In particular, the latest version (2.7xxx I think) has been reported to be flakey, and our experience tends to confirm that. On the other hand 2.5 was fairly solid, and we have been using some flavor of 2.6 for several months with only a few annoyances. You might also be certain that you have the latest version of service packs for Access 2000 - there were some nasty problems with SQL connections in the initial release of A2k. You can find some details in the documentation for SR1A and SP2.

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    Re: ODBC and Access 2K (SR1)

    The only time I've seen something akin to that, it was caused by improper indexes set when linking the tables to the front end. I take it that the front ends are local to the individual machines?

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