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    Looping thru Contacts (2000 (9.0.02711))

    New to list, experienced in VBA, haven't tried automating Outlook (yet). I've been asked to loop through an extensive contact list and send a generic E-mail to each E-mail address found. My first problem is, I don't know the objects or methods used in Outlook (Object Browser helps a little), so I'm not sure what to loop on. My next problem is, I don't know how to create a new E-mail and fill the To (from contacts), Subject, and Body. Any links to examples, or sample code would be greatly appreciated. Also, what books might I purchase to learn more about automating Outlook?

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    Re: Looping thru Contacts (2000 (9.0.02711))

    I can't particularly recommend any books, but here are some code snippets from the Lounge that will give you an idea of the more relevant objects and properties:

    Re: Remove +1 from phone numbers (Outlook 2000)

    Re: Mass Email Changes (Outlook 2000/SR1)

    Re: VBA to insert text of file in e-mail message (Outlook 2000)

    Re: Using macro to add recipient name (XP)

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