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    Sharing a Database (Access 2000 SR1)

    I have a general question regarding a shared database. I developed a small VB application to add data to an Access database. The database is on a shared drive and 2 people will be adding/accessing data to the .mdb via the VB app. The users do not have Access installed on their computers, so I am using ADO to populate/retrieve the database. Are there any potential problems with this set up? What if I start adding more users, maybe up to 10 users? What will the impact be?


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    Re: Sharing a Database (Access 2000 SR1)

    You should be OK with 2 users for sure, and with 10 unless all they do is sit and enter data all day long. We have some .MDB files being used with up to 100 users, though in that case it is pretty light usage, and mostly lookup. If you get into something that is transactional in nature, then you probably want to look at SQL Server.

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