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    Footer - Can't delete Horizontal line

    I'm using MS Word 2000 9.0.3821 SR-1. I am working on an existing document that has a horizontal line at the top of the footer. I can't seem to select it, delete it, change the color, or anything except change the horizontal position by dragging it. My boss can't either, but told me to "figure it out." Please help.

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    Re: Footer - Can't delete Horizontal line

    When your cursor is in the footer choose Format>Borders and Shading. Make sure there are no borders chosen, then click OK. Then you're done [img]/w3timages/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    hope this helps
    have fun

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    Re: Footer - Can't delete Horizontal line

    <big><font color=blue><font face="Comic Sans MS">It sounds like you have the continuation line for the footer active. Try this:

    Switch to Normal View
    Double click on the Footnote reference number in the document text. This will split your screen so that you will see the footnote at the bottom.

    You should also see where it says Footnotes....and then a drop down box that says all footnotes.

    Click the down arrow and choose Footnote separator and then click the reset button.

    Click the down arrow again and choose Footnote Continuation Separator and then click the reset button. Then click close.

    Change your view back to Page layout and see if it worked.

    If you still have the line, you want to change the Footnote Continuation Separator to look like the Footnote Separator.

    Switch back to Normal View and double click one of the footnote reference numbers.

    Click the down arrow and choose Footnote Separator. Select the line and copy it. Click the down arrow and choose Footnote Continuation Separator. Select the line there, delete it, and then paste. Click Close and now you have a short line instead of one that goes all the way across the bottom.

    I hope this helps!</big></font color=blue></font face=comic>

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    Re: Footer - Can't delete Horizontal line

    This issue has been resolved. Selecting "borders and shading" from the footer toolbar allowed me to remove this "border". Thanks for the responses. They gave me incentive to keep pounding away, and clues for the search. A great first experience at this site! I'll be back.

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    Re: Footer - Can't delete Horizontal line

    For more about what caused this, you might want to look at <A target="_blank" HREF=>Weird Lines and Borders</A>. It could be a function of AutoFormat as you Type or it could be that someone deliberately set the formatting that way.
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