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Thread: TCP/IP Display

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    TCP/IP Display

    This is a pretty minor question, however, if there's an answer, it would help.

    One of my PC's is the laptop that travels with me. It is a Dell 3500 with Win2K as its OS. I have it (as all the PCs) setup to show the TCP/IP connection on the toolbar. It's helpful just to glance and see the transfer is in fact occurring.

    On the laptop, the data transfered is displayed as "Packets". My other PCs display it as Bytes received and sent. I really prefer the Bytes to the packets.

    How does one change that display back to Bytes?

    Thanks a lot for any thoughts.


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    Re: TCP/IP Display

    Hi Bob -

    This may not be much help. I just took a look at several Windows XP and Windows 2000 systems, as well as a handful of web sites with screen shots, and all of them show packets as opposed to bytes when displaying the status of an active network (Ethernet) connection.

    However, when I make a VPN (or other on-demand connection), I get bytes instead. Perhaps it is the type of connection that determines the display?

    Incidentally, the network connection shows "support" as the second tab on the status window, while the VPN shows "details" as the second tab. You also get "compression" and "errors" counters on the initial (General) tab for the VPN connection.

    Hope this helps in some way.

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