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    Make startup app depend on service

    I'm running proxomitron on a workstation connecting to the internet via MSP client - MSP2. Occasionally, just after booting, I cannot access the internet, but if I shut down and reopen proxomitron (a web filter functioning by being a local proxy), everything works fine. I don't know about the win2k startup sequence. Should all services be up and running completely before any startup app begins to load? If not, is there any way to make a startup folder app depend on a service? The Proxomitron won't run as a service unfortunately, otherwise I'd know what to do!


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    Re: Make startup app depend on service

    Have you tried using the SRVANY service to start your application.

    There isn't a lot of documentation on this service, you install it by running SRVINSTW.EXE and then use it to start applications that can't run as services. I just had a quick look through the Microsoft web site and I can't find any decent instructions, except for some stuff in the middle of q267574.


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