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    No Banners

    I need help in stopping banners from printing after every print job. We have a network at the office and run Novell 3.12 with win98 workstations. I have a HPLJ 111D print driver. I have gone into printer properties and it still won't allow me to suspend the banners even if I deselect.

    On win 95 we ran a software called recap.exe and it stopped all the banners. I get an illegal operation when I run this software in win98.

    Any ideas. I am wasting paper bigtime!

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    Re: No Banners

    I've seen this problem at an old client, i don't remember specifics, but you need to set it on the Novell Prn server, pretty sure its under pconsole.

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    Re: No Banners

    Wow 3.12. Been a while since I used that.

    Ok, the problem is that you need a "/NB" (No Banner) switch on your network capture. The recap program just ended the prior capture and restarted it with the appropriate switches.

    You can emulate the features of recap by using CAPTURE inside an appropriate BAT procedure.

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