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    Outlook and Blackberry

    I have a situation where a secretary is a delegate for her boss. She has send on behalf of permissions on the exchange server, and used to be able to send out email as if it came directly from him.

    Not long ago, I installed a Blackberry for him, using their Desktop Redirector software. Somehow, that broke the secretary's ability to send out email for the executive. I tried a few things, including calling Blackberry, but never got anywhere with it. I ended up concluding that there was something weird about the Blackberry software that disabled this feature.

    Yesterday I got a call from the secretary, asking again about this. It seems that she found out that two other secretaries, whose bosses also have the Blackberry software, are still able to use their send on behalf of privileges.

    I'm not quite sure what to think now. Any ideas on how to proceed?

    We are using Exchange 5.5, with Outlook 2000 in C/W mode.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Outlook and Blackberry

    is she a delegate as in the tools > services tab or send as permission set on the mailbox? either way, i'm guessing something got unticked.

    check the permissions on the account, both server side and client side. compare the settings on the mailboxes that work with the ones that don't.

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    Re: Outlook and Blackberry

    I've checked all the permissions, and as far as I can see it is all the same and correct. I'm going to try re-installing everything tomorrow.

    Thanks for the thought.

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