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    Saving Template (Word 2000)

    I created couple of macros in Word inside a template. Everything works fine. The only problem I have, every time I exit or close a document that I created from this template, Word ask me if I want to save that template or not. Even when I opened the template without created a document, Word still asked me if I want to save the template.

    My question is how can I get rid of this message.

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    Re: Saving Template (Word 2000)

    It would appear that your macro is making a change inside the template. What you DON'T want to do, is to go to Tools/Options/Save tab & untick "prompt to save normal template" (or words similar--I'm not in front of Word 2000 now). If your macros are making changes to styles, autotext, keyboard assignments, toolbars or menus, that would account for the message.

    You can look at <!post=this thread,145972>this thread<!/post> for a discussion of a similar problem.


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