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    Delete AutoCorrect Entry (Word 2000)

    I created a template. I also used a macro to add some entries to the autocorrect entry. I also have a macro to delete them. Even when I clear the autocorrect entry. For example, I can go to tools->autocorrect and see it is blank. When I type some words, I still see them change automatically. My question is, beside tools->autocorrect, is there any other places Word stores them? If so, where is that place and how to get rid of them.

    I also think Word store them in template. Even when I don't add any entry to the autoentry, when I copy my template from one machine to another, some of the autocorrect (the one that I can't see) that I mentioned above are still there when I type. I would like to know how to get rid of them. It seems like these entries are in the template. If so, how can I delete them?

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    Re: Delete AutoCorrect Entry (Word 2000)

    You are correct that some AutoCorrect settings are stored in the template. However, they should show up under Tools/AutoCorrect...

    See the article Where AutoCorrect Entries and Settings Are Stored (Q135778)

    Hope this helps.

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