Hi -

I have created a custom form in Outlook2000 (IMO with POP3). This form is set to "one-off" and I've created a custom action to forward the form back to a specific e-mail address. I've had the most success by selecting the properties of the custom action and choosing the option to "prompt the user to open or send."

With this option selected, once the user clicks on the custom action button ("click to edit and send"), they are presented with an option to "Send Now" or "Edit and send response." The latter option works beautifully, but when the option to "Send Now" is selected I receive an error message that "there must be at least one name or distribution list in the To, CC or Bcc fields." There is, of course, an address entered in the To field.

I can work-around this, but would like to know if there's a way to get the "send now" option to work.