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    cross-referencing documents (Word97SR2)

    It's a long shot, but before I code it, has anyone done this:

    (background) I wrote HyperWord, a utility that Hyperlinks all documents in a subdirectory tree to a single document; a cheap way to assemble documentation.

    (foreground) I now have 400 documents (a sample document "blnSplitFromNextPage.doc" is attached) and want to cross-reference all 400 of them.

    To keep it simple, I'm interested ONLY in word strings found in the second column last row of the first table in each document. In the supplied example ("blnSplitFromNextPage.doc"), that translates to "blnSplitFromPreviousPage ,LngGoToPage, lngInsertBreak, blnCloseHeaderFooter".

    For each word in that list, I want to develop a hyperlink for the corresponding file, if it exists.

    This means that I'll have built a cross-reference list by hand, since I'm the one who has keyed in the text words, names of documents that I feel are relevant to the current document.

    I ought to be able to automate this, for example, by obtaining the word strings found in the second column last row of the first table in each document referenced from the first, on the grounds that those links provide a path to other related stuff, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I might end up with with 400 names in the foot of each of 400 documents.

    I'm open to suggestions.

    (later) I will also develop a trawl that looks for any documents that do NOT have cross-reference entries, because most functions relate to at least one other function.
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