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    deleting repetive data (office 97)

    Howdy all i'm back again,

    I'm a summer intern and have been given a project to finish with office 97. I am having a problem when I import an excel file that has data for at least 3 sequential days. the import occurs everyday though. as a result if one of the data fields has not been removed from the excel file on the next day it again becomes imported to access. what occurs is a transaction does not clear and will remain in that excel until it does. this means the same data can be reimported way too many times. I would like to tell access if it sees multiple fields that contain the same purchase date, settle date, size, client etc. it should delete any extra's. i basically need a query that will merge all twin data fields as one unique row of data. is this possible and how? thank you very much.


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    Re: deleting repetive data (office 97)

    Create a query with the fields you need. If the table contains an AutoNumber field, omit that.

    In design view, make sure that the Properties window is visible (View/Properties).

    Click somewhere in the query window but not in the field list(s) or in the grid. The Properties window should be titled Query Properties.

    Now you can set either Unique Values to True. This does precisely what you want.

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