On our small NT network we had a regular visitor log in with his laptop running XP Pro. Since installing XPP, he's been here 2 or three times.
This time, after being logged on for several hours, several of us on our NT workstations started noticing that every Excel 2000 file that we tried to open would give us the standard message when a file is already opened by someone else, i.e. that this file is locked for edit by xuser, and did we want to cancel, be notified, or open without editing. The xuser names varied. None were the Laptop user.
After checking the systems that supposedly had these Excel files open and finding none actually open I resorted to svrmgr.exe again. Voila!
The XPP laptop user was listed as having some 2000 files open! In reality, he was just pecking along on some local Word 2000 documents. He did not even have Explorer open to the network.
After rebooting the laptop, access to all the Excel files was restored.
Weird, huh?