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    WinXP Reinstallation (Home Edition)

    What specific files and folders, other than My Documents, should be backed up before reformatting and reinstalling WinXP Home Edition? Reinstallation is required due to irrepairable virus damage. Please be as specific as possible. Thank you.
    Robert Storms

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    Re: WinXP Reinstallation (Home Edition)

    Only data unique to you that cannot be replaced should be saved. (My Documents, My Pictures, My Music). Any of these folders could have been affected, so make sure none are infected before you use them again. I would make a note of any programs I'd downloaded, but would not use those files again until I'd re-obtained them.
    I'm not sure if XP Home has the 'System Restore' option but if so, you could back-up your data, then try a SR to a date before you suspect the virus got in.

    If you have been unable to clear a virus infection, my advice would be to start again right back at f-disk. Some viruses infect files at random, so any could be affected. Since you say 'irrepairable' I assume your scanner has given up. As soon as you get the opportunity, run a decent virus scanner to do a complete check (including MBR).

    I know this is a bind, but look at it this way : you now will be sure never to get infected again, and at least you've survived. It is also not too bad an idea to start back at square one every year or so. It's amazing how much clutter accumulates, diseased or not.

    You don't say which VS you used, but if it failed to stop the infection (and you weren't careless) I would suggest changing it. AVG (freeware, but none the worse for it) is superb.

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