From time to time I get caught - I put a piece of blank paper in the manual feed of the HP4L printer and WHOOSH! out comes something left over from last night, or Thursday last week - the tail end of a graphic from a web page I suppose.

Most of my printing is one-sheet stuff - I'm a less-paper sort of guy.

It strikes me that a useful utility would be a configurable program that would, for each or any selected printer:

1) Empty the spool queue of files waiting to be printed and

2) Send a flush-buffer command to the specific printer.

The first option seems to be a Windows-oriented thing; there *has* to be some command-line or short startup-folder command that will empty the spool for any one printer, and by extension all assigned printers.

The second option is a tad tricker. There will be many different escape sequences that cause printers to flush buffers (the equivalent on my HP4L of holding down the blue button for 5 seconds), but it ought not be too difficult to assemble a list of such codes. If nothing else the installer of the software could be asked to check the reference manual for the printer and type/paste in the sequence?