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    Outlook Contacts and Word XP (Office XP)

    We have users her that use the integrated address book in Word to insert addresses from their contact folder into a letter done in Word. Word is not picking up the contact's Prefix, suffix or job title and putting it into the address. Does anyone know of a way to fix this.

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    Re: Outlook Contacts and Word XP (Office XP)

    You can customize the layout of the address inserted in Word by replacing the default (hidden, built-in) AddressLayout AutoText entry in Word. However, in cases where the specified fields are not present, you may get unwanted blank spaces. See the following articles:

    HOW TO: Modify the Layout of an Address Book Entry in Word 2000 (Q212345)

    WD2000: Matching AddressLayout Fields to Outlook Contact Fields (Q211424)

    Neither references an updated for Word 2002/Outlook 2002, so I assume they remains valid.

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