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    System Policies (Office 97 / Windows 2000 Server)


    I'm entertaining the thought of implementing system policies to control certain settings in Off97. However, I've hit a stumbling block.

    I only want the Off97 policies to implement if the user is logging in from a computers within our LAN. I do NOT want the policies to download if they are connecting via VPN from their home computer (they may not appreciate the changes I'd be making... in the office they have no choice).

    Is this doable? If so, could you offer me up some suggestions on how?

    The alternative is to forget policies completely and create a custom login script to set the registry keys. Policies would be a much speedier route (and easier to maintain) so I don't want to give up on the idea if there is a way to accomplish this.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    (BTW server is Win2K, workstations are Win98/Win2K/XP - and yes, I know I need two separate policies because of the mix)

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    Re: System Policies (Office 97 / Windows 2000 Server)

    I think you can do this. Have you used the policy editor yet? If so, you have seen that you can create policies for specific computers and a "Default Computer" policy. You can also create user policies and a "Default User" policy. By combining these you should be able to create a "do nothing" policy that will apply to the VPN clients.

    I still need login scripts, though. I use Kixtart which has a fairly complete script language and is quite powerful: it'll install printer drivers on the fly, test for group membership and knows if the current session is RAS or LAN. System policies and login scripts are a lot of work to set up. But it's worth it IMHO in client ease of use and admin peace of mind.
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