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    Cleaning out the Netscape Cache

    I recently began receiving a warning that I was running out of space on my hard drive. When I investigated I found that "C:Program FilesNetscapeUsersusernamecache" occupied more than 50MB. I deleted all the old JPEG and GIF files and cleaned out the Netscape history files which seemed to solve the problem. I then wrote a batch file to clean out the cache every time I start the machine. Unfortunately, the batch file bombs when it hits the "Program Files" directory because dos doesn't recognize file or directory names with a space included. I am looking for a good way to automatically clean out the cache without having to go in and manually delete everything every couple of days. Any ideas? (and yes, I know I can buy a larger hard drive.) Thanks, Bill B.

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    Re: Cleaning out the Netscape Cache

    Go to
    & download cleanall.bat & cleanall.pif

    There are also settings under Edit/Preferences (I don't recall which tab, but I think it's advanced) to clear history, cache, etc. & to limit the size of the cache. 50MB--WOW! Bet your machine runs faster now.

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