I`ve got Norton AV 2002 running on my machine.
But when I,try to make the rescue discs(Floppys).
It says it can`t find my keyboard(wich is on an USB-Port).
Now,I,have a scroll-mouse(wich is on a PS2-Port).
The funny thing is when I,start my PC from the rescue disc,I,can operate in DOS,with my keyboard.
I,can use the arrow-keys to select the different options,but I,can`t use my mouse to click OK.
Now I`ve talked to this programmer,who said that if your mouse is connected to a PS2-Port it must work.
And if your keyboard is connected to a USB-Port it`s possible you need different drivers for that one.
But as i,stated above,my keyboard works but my mouse doesn`t.
Also when i,try to exit DOS the escape button does not work.
Anyone familiar with this problem?