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    Mixing cells and Controls on a sheet (97)

    A guy I support has created a worksheet which asks people to enter data; the book is then emailed to him when they click submit. However, he has used a combination of regular cells and embedded controls (combo boxes, check boxes) on the sheet. If someone is typing in a cell and clicks a control, Excel doesn't "enter" the data in the cell.

    If he'd asked me earlier I would have told him to just create a form, but it's too late now. Is there a way to control the behaviour of the cells so they do "accept" the data when the focus moves to a control?

    The attached workbook has his sheet.
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    Re: Mixing cells and Controls on a sheet (97)

    See reply to <!post=This post, 147885>This post<!/post>, which seems to be the same problem.

    Andrew C

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