We have two entities in our office. I need to create macros that define the print options for the envelopes of each one. So far I have the following:

UserAddress = "Firm A" etc.
With ActiveDocument.Envelope
.DefaultOmitReturnAddress = False
.FeedSource = 258 'Tray 1 (Manual)
End With

The error I get is with the FeedSource. It tells me that the value is out of range. I got this value by recording my keystrokes in Page Setup and this was the value it gave me when I chose Tray 1. When I tried to just record my keystrokes in the Envelope and Label dialog nothing was recorded.

The other confusing issue is that when I type "ActiveDocument.Envelope.FeedSource = ", the drop down menu offers wdPrinterManualFeed as one of the options but when I run it, it tells me the requested object is not available.

Is this not the correct procedure for assigning which bin an envelope should print from?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!