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    Access97 on O/S XP (97/SR-2)

    I am not the Access97 developer for the custom application our programmer wrote, but I will attempt to intelligently explain our dilemma and hope you can share your insight and solutions available.

    We're on a Novell network. All current workstations are Windows 98SE. We are beginning to explore the migration to XP operating system. We brought in our first system today in order to test all current applications we are running.

    RepSys is a custom designed application in Access for our company, a manufacturer's rep firm. This application was originally developed in C during DOS era. In 1999 it was rewritten and we chose Access97. The "programs" are MDE and run locally on the workstations. They are linked to the data base stored on the network.

    When attempting to open the "program" we receive an Access error stating the path is invalid. When using one of the MDB "programs", deleting the links, and then by using files-get external data in order to relink, it works fine. Most of the "programs" are in MDE.

    My discussion with the programmer 6/11 led us to believe there is something happening which involves the References.

    Is or has anyone encounter this? Any solutions other than redeveloping? THANKS!

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    Re: Access97 on O/S XP (97/SR-2)

    The paths of linked tables are hard-coded into the database.

    Even in a .MDE database, you should be able to modify/update the links.

    Try opening the .MDE with the shift key held down.
    Select Tools/Add-ins/Linked Table Manager (not quite sure if this is the caption in English).
    Click Select All.
    Check the check box Always ask for new location.
    Click OK.
    Select the correct location of the backend database.
    Click Open.
    You should get a message that the links have been updated.

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