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Thread: Start up issue

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    Start up issue

    Hello all,
    This is a beginner issue I am sure but since I am new to networking and learning all this is fun for me.
    On a W2K machine, there is a boot up problem. Instead of just booting into W2K like the other machines, it pauses at a black screen and asks me to select Windows 2000 or Windows and it gives me 30 seconds before automatically choosing W2K. Why is this happening and how do I shut it off?
    I just want a faster boot up and for the machine to act like the other workstations.

    Thanks in advance,
    Brian NJ

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    Re: Start up issue

    Sounds like it is (or has been) configured for dual boot. Was this an upgrade installation?

    If you want to keep the previous installation (what is referred to as "Windows") but simply want a faster boot up:
    Right_Click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced > System Startup
    and set it to something like 3 seconds.
    If there is no previous installation, or it has been over-written, simply set it to 0 seconds or de-select 'Display list of Operating systems'

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