I have a wireless setup that connects 4 computers; 2 on Win XP Pro, 1 on Win95, and 1 on Win ME. The setup works well and was painless to get running ( I know, I'm lucky ). I'm using an SMC Barricade Wireless Broadband Router ( SMC7004AWBR ). The two XP machines use LINKSYS Wireless USB Network Adapters(WUSB11 v2.5). The Win95 machine uses an Orinoco plug-in. The Win ME machine is connected by cable to the router. The whole thing is connected to a cable modem.

It has been suggested that I should activate the WEP capability on this setup to discourage eavesdroppers and people driving around looking for free Internet access ( or worse ). The manuals and Help files say that I need to put in a series of 4 hexadecimal codes that should be the same for all units.

There is no information on just where these codes come from. Are they already in the router and just need to be propagated somehow ( sneakernet ?) to the other components ?

I gather that WEP is not very secure and that there is a need to constantly update whatever codes may be installed.

Any advice ?