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    How do I Re-install OE 5.0 (OE 5.0)

    I'm on windows 95, ie 5.0 and oe 5.0 (I know i'm hopelessy
    outdated but my machine from 1995 can't load the new
    version of ie 6.0 etc ... not enough room)
    Ok now the problem : i've been using oe 5.0 for a few
    years with no problem; last night i was compacting all
    folders and it seemed to hang (i do this often and it's
    never done it before); i had to reboot in the middle of it
    with the window up because it was froze; now when i go to
    my sent folder and try to compact it or open an email in
    it, delete and email in it or even when send a new email
    it would close down with a fatal error; i'm at work so i
    don't rember the exact error.. it's the one that comes up
    with the dos window and something out RIP and closes the
    application down).
    So.....I decided to uninstall oe 5.o and reinstall. the
    uninstall went fine. I have a cd (it was free from
    earthlink) that I origially used to install both ie5.0 and
    oe5.0 3/4 years ago). But when I go to control panel and
    go to ie 5.o and check option to install oe it comes up
    with a window saying i have to go on-line to download
    latest ver.... which i don't want to do because it takes
    forever with my old 28.8 k modem). When i just go in and
    double click on either the ie5.0 setup or the setup within (where oe5.0 is) on the CD the computer makes
    a slight noise but doesn't come up with install screens.
    How do i get the control panel to look at my earthlnk cd
    to install OR do I also have to also uninstall ie 5.0
    (going back to prev ver which was 4.0) and then reinstall
    both ie5.0 and oe 5.0?????

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    Re: How do I Re-install OE 5.0 (OE 5.0)

    If you have a CD burner or Zip drive at the office, one of these 17MB downloads might be the best thing:

    IE 5.01 with SP2
    IE 5.5 with SP2

    Heck, if you've got a T1, grab 'em both while they're still available!

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