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    Linking Images to Templates (Word 2000 SR1a)

    I am familiar with linking an image to a document so that the file size is not bloated by the image. Inserting an image into a template in the same way displays the image when the template itself is open. However, if you create a document from a template that has a linked image rather than an embedded image, the image does not display.

    Can some please advise me whether it is possible to link an image to a template and then create documents from it?

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    Re: Linking Images to Templates (Word 2000 SR1a)

    Hi Peter:
    I have the same version of Word as you & can have a template do what you're trying to do. Word inserts an {INCLUDEPICTURE} field for the link. (I'm not on a network, by the way). If you move the source, you'll have problems. If you press Alt+F9 to show the codes, does this give you a clue as to the problem?

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