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    exporting a table to FTP (Access97)

    I'm trying to export a table as an excel spread sheet to an FTP site. I click the Save as option after I highlight my table then I select Microsoft Excel 97 as the file type. Then I select my FTP location for the save in. This connects me to the ftp site. I then open the folder I want to save to and it gives me an erro message which says: "You cannot use an Internet address here. Enter a path that points to a location on your computer or on the network." Am I doing something wrong I followed the help menu on ftp data objects to the letter. Any help is apprecaited in advance. Thanks..

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    Re: exporting a table to FTP (Access97)

    You don't indicate the service release level of Access97 that you are working with. I've never personally tried to do a direct ftp from Access, but you may also be dealing with an issue it simply isn't capable of doing in that version (or any version possibly). The obvious workaround is to save it to a local hard drive or server share, and then ftp. But check your version first and apply any service packs that haven't been applied already.

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