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    Freezes PC (2000)

    When I try to open Word 2000 it Freezes my PC. I get an error that says "Not enough memory or disk space to run Microsoft Word." I did have word 2000 and 97 installed at the same time but I uninstalled 97. W2000 still Freezes my PC. What can I do?
    I starting doing this after I went to IE 6. I went back to IE 5.5 and it still gives me the error and freezes my PC.

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    Re: Freezes PC (2000)

    You may have a corrupted file and/or corrupted Word "Data" (toolbars and settings) key in the Registry.

    Reinstalling Word will not necessarily correct the problem.

    Rename or delete your file, then try again. If the problem persists, delete the Data reg key. You may want to back it up first. See here for steps to follow.
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