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    Win98 file naming

    Hi folks! I've an odd problem and I don't know where to turn.

    I have a CD-ROM containing mostly HTML and JPEG files. Many use 8+3 file naming, but just as many take advantage of extended filenames, N+3. This CD works just fine on any Windows OS, but UNIX and Mac systems seem to be upset with the N+3 filenames in the HTML coding (they work just fine with the 8+3 names).

    Since neither UNIX nor Mac are slaves to the 8+3 system, this problem has caught me totally off-guard. I've got a theory though. Is it possible that Windows is actually still naming the files with 8+3 for OS purposes, but provides me with extended filenames for my own benefit? So, if a non-Windows computer looks at the files, they actually ARE 8+3 filenames?

    So what I see is: filenumberone.htm

    What the computer sees is: filenu~1.htm

    A Windows computer knows that the two are the same. A non-Windows computer just sees the short version, and therefore a link to filenumberone.htm won't go anywhere because it doesn't know the extended filenames.

    Therefore, if you want a link to a file to work across multiple platforms, and you created the file on a Windows machine, then you'd best give it an 8+3 name, so that WYSIWYG.

    Have I got that right? Or did I just pull all this out of the ether and my problem lies elsewhere?

    Cheers, 3MP

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    Re: Win98 file naming

    That's it exactly! Windows OS's dictate filenames as If you re-start your computer in MSDOS 6.6 mode, you can see that all extended file names are labelled in this manner.

    It seems your best bet is to rename your files/sources, and batch re-name the code. Most good editors give you Find/Replace capability.

    As to the innards of this backwards process, you can checkout here.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Win98 file naming

    Thanks, Drk!
    As it happens, I have to do some reprogramming to solve another bug anyway, so it's no big deal to clean this up while I'm in there. I'm just glad I found the problem BEFORE I started reprogramming! Thanks for your help, and the links. With this solved, I should have a genuine cross-platform CD.

    Cheers, 3MP

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