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    Pasting Excel graphics (SR-2)

    Today PC help updated my Office 2000 with SR-2 (?service pack 2). Now when I copy an Excel graphic (on its own worksheet) and Paste Special|Picture into Word or PowerPoint the graphic is very oversized and truncated on the right side. Sometimes when I copy the graphic in Excel I get an error message that the graphic is too big and will be truncated, sometimes no message but it does it anyway. Sometimes it turns on the View|Size with Window and won't let me click it off.

    A simple copy and paste works, but pastes the Excel chart as an Object... something I cannot do because my Word chapter contains many graphics and would soon balloon to be a huge file.

    This was done on my co-worker's machine and hers functions as before... an Excel copy and Paste Special|Picture results in a reasonably sized, non-truncated picture in Word.

    What's up? How can I fix this?? I am miserable


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    Re: Pasting Excel graphics (SR-2)

    Hi Georgette,

    I would highly recommend pasting the Excel graphic as an Enhanced Metafile (using Paste Special in Word). You will find that it is more compact (memory size) than Picture or Object, and is fully scaleable with no loss in resolution. I don't know if this will solve the clipping problem, but suspect that it will.

    Keep Excelling (Wording?)


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