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    Win2K reinstall problems

    My Win2K pro has become balky - possibly because of installing and uninstalling software.

    Sometimes, it will not completely reboot after a "normal" procedure (e.g., after a Norton Liveupdate updated NAV). I had to use GoBack to get back to a bootable OS.

    I figured I should reinstall Win2K Pro, but when I do, I get the following errors:

    1) (Title Bar) 16-bit Windows subsystem.
    (Message) System/CurrentControlSet/Control/VirtualDeviceDriver.VDD
    VirtualDeviceDriver Format in the Registry is not valid. Choose Close to Terminate


    2) (Title Bar) 16-bit DOS subsystem.
    (Message) F:/I386/Bchk32.exe t: an installable Virdual Device Driver DLL failed to initialize. Choose Close to Terminate.

    One time, I got past that by clicking ignore, but when Setup rebooted into DOS to finish its install, I got a Stop Message with a bunch of codes, ending with this message: "Inaccessible Boot Device". I could not proceed with re-installing Win2K.

    After that, when the Win2K boot manager starts up (I am dual booting with Win 98, one of the additional boot options is Win2K setup (highlighted by default, so if I am not paying close attention, it will keep booting into the same problem described above.

    So my questions are:

    1) How do I clean this up so that I can reinstall Win2K?

    2) In the interim, where do I edit the choices for the Boot manager to eliminate the Win2K setup option?

    3) Before I ran goback to get out of the "failing to load" issue described above, I enabled bootlogging to see where the load failure was specifically happening. Where do I find this log on my HD to inspect it?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Re: Win2K reinstall problems

    I can't offer much help, but according to the boot log is called Ntbtlog.txt and is stored in the %systemroot% folder (C:WINNT by default).


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    Re: Win2K reinstall problems

    To solve problem #1: [URL=;EN-US;q254914]Virtual Device Driver Error Message in 16-Bit MS-DOS Subsystem (Q254914)]/URL]

    For boot options: you need to modify the BOOT.INI file in the root of your C: drive. But why not boot from the CD and allow Win2K to format the partition where it (sort of) lives now?

    Question 3 I believe has been answered, it's NTBTLOG.TXT.

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