Microsoft is sponsoring a seminar that's relatively cheap (for a two-day seminar) and turned out to be a good basic introduction to .NET. The program is presented by DevelopMentor, a company that provides .NET training. This particular seminar focuses on security in general and in .NET.

I mention this seminar because:
<UL><LI>In another post on this board I said I would review it
<LI>It turned out to be a useful two days that got me and my co-workers thinking about how we're doing things now in ASP, how we could have better security now, and a how ASP.NET looks (including programming a little bit with C#).
<LI>The price - which included the seminar, two books, a full working version of XP, and a fully functional time-limited version of .NET Studio.[/list]Details available here: There's only three dates left, but if you're in or near one of those cities, I'd recommend checking it out.

Our company sent several people, with a mix of web (ASP) and C++ programmers. Both groups found the material useful. Note that the focus is on security more than .NET, but for us that was a good thing.