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    Firewall penetration/access

    In setting up a video chat program to work with Norton Personal Firewall I have been advised by another user that I need to "Verify TCP and UDP ports 2000-2020 are open to go through the firewall".

    I thought that chat lines were one of the riskiest places to be for system penetration etc, so if I allow this access, surely I am leaving the computer wide open OR, if I can trust the company whose servers I am connecting to, will I be OK?

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    Re: Firewall penetration/access

    I don't use NPF, but I suspect you must set various rules to allow those ports to be 'opened'. Presumably, your Video Chat Program will need to access those ports in order for people to use it -- and, therefore, you will need to give the Video Chat Program permission in NPF to access those ports.

    You will have then opened up those ports only to that program. If the Video Chat Program is 'secure' (I have no idea), then you are not at much risk. However, if the program has sloppy coding and allows users to access your files -- then you have a problem.

    So you are not leaving your computer 'wide open', but you have created a hole that could potentially be used against you. The Video Chat Program will be the weakest link -- *if* it is known to be secure, then you likely have nothing to worry about...

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