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    Embedded Excel print problem (Office 2000 SR1 )

    New to the list Going to try to give as much info as I can.

    Have a template in excel that we use to insert numbers for financial statements (accounting firm) the colems have debt credit and things like that.

    Then we have a Word template that has a lay our of our Financial statements with the company headers and information about how the FS was prepared just random things nothing really imoprtant.

    We have it set up to open the Excel portion and it has all the numbers in it. We then open the word Doc and it fills in the tables in word with the numbers... this makes it easy for the accountants to go back to excel and change the numbers and have it update the word dock.. easier to work with the table in excel than in work and keeps everything neet.

    So the problem is this. When we print these docs the font is messed up. Everything looks good in print preview... we have triend local and network printers... HP.. Mita... Cannon drivers Post script drivers everything we got here.

    The strange thing is it does not always happen just seems to be random.. I can print 10 in a row great then one messes up then print it again and its fine.

    this is not your normal font messed up we are talking like a 1 font and then jumps to 40 then back ... again looks fine on print preview and have tried every driver we have and still the same problem.

    also sometimes the tables show up on the wrong page when printed.

    Again drivers all look good and would thing if it is a driver issue would always happen and not be so random

    i guess I will wait to get a reply before writing you guys a book... maybe something that hapens and you know what I am talking about so wont keep going.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Embedded Excel print problem (Office 2000 SR1 )

    Hi Yimmy,

    If I understand your post correctly, you have a number of Excel spreadsheets embedded in your Word document, linked to another spreadsheet containing the source data. When you update the links, the fonts are sometimes changed on the printout even though they look the same on screen.

    I think that is a Windows/Word resource problem - or possibly an OLE problem. I've had the same thing happen often in both Word 97 and 2000 on Win 95 and 98SE machines.

    You might find that you can correct this by closing the source spreadsheet and the target document after updating the links, then opening up the target document, then the affected embedded spreadsheets in your document. That's usually enough to get the right result for me.

    Hope this helps.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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    Re: Embedded Excel print problem (Office 2000 SR1 )

    This is cross-posted in the Excel forum. Any more replies over there please.
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