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    updated office97 patches - incorrect ver. displaye (office97)

    HIya - a few queries....
    1. Where do I find out the location to display the correct version of Office97.
    We have installed office97 patches SR2B on our pc's.
    When I go into an office 97 application to check the office version ie
    in application word/excel/powerpoint >goto menu Help>About Microsoft Word
    displays a window - however in the window it displays office version as:
    Microsoft Word 97 - SR2.
    when it should display Microsoft Word 97 - SR2b?

    2. Service Pack updated - displaying incorrect versions?
    I have also installed the windows NT service pack 6a
    & when I restart my pc - the text displays as Service Pack 6.
    where do I find/ where is the correct info located?

    3. System Info is displaying incorrect version of Office
    On the window About Microsoft Word & if I click on the button System Info>Applications
    the applications being displayed is for office 2000. ie
    Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft Excel 2000 etc.
    We use office97 & its on our C: drive.
    some time ago - I manually installed office 2000 on my E:drive -(my pc was the only 1 that had office2000 - office 2000 is not on any of the images)
    however since then I have re-imaged my pc & one would assume that the re-image would have cleaned up this info. Yes/ No?
    (never ASSUME- as it makes an ASS out of U & ME.)

    tia - Diana

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    Re: updated office97 patches - incorrect ver. displaye (office97)

    Question number 1) was answered by Woody in Volume 4 number 44 of Woody's Office Watch, look for the article titled "HOW CAN I TELL WHICH VERSION OF OFFICE 97 I HAVE"


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    Re: updated office97 patches - incorrect ver. displaye (office97)

    from Start > Run

    A little window pops up and tells you the service pack.
    NOTE: NT4 SP6a is displayed as simply Service Pack 6 with an additional line lower down the window stating it is 'revised SP6a' or similar.
    (IOW read it carefully!)

    Determining If a Service Pack Has Been Installed (Q132475)

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