I've lost data in the past due to quirky software and virues. So, I now have XP Pro on Drive L, which is the first primary partition on the first physical drive. Drive C is an external, non-bootable Buslink USB 2. I also have an Adaptec 1200a RAID adapter set up to mirror my two 60gb HDs. To protect data, I use Drive Image as one backup, a VXA tape for another, the RAID mirror, and Synchro Folder to periodically copy the contents of my internal HD partitions to the Buslink. Synchro Folder is a great utility.
Everything works fine, except some software demands that the Buslink be turned on so it sees a C drive (McAfee Viruscan, for one). I think not having a readily accessible C drive within my system is a good security measure, and XP will not let me change the letter of its root drive, in any case. Getting everything to an internal C would, I think, require an fdisk/clean install. Does this setup make sense, or am I asking for trouble in the future?