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    Sorting with 2 columbs (2000)

    I am trying to set up a database to catalog a collection of Mardi Gras items that were thrown from different parade floats.

    In my database there are 2 columns I need to sort "in the order that I enter information". They are called "ROYALTY AND OTHERS" and "COLOR AND COMPOSITION"

    I have added 2 other columns I call "SORT ROYALTY" and "SORT COLORS" to which I add a number which I hope will set the sort order for reports, etc.

    My problem is, being so new to Access, I cannot figure out how to tie them together to get the output I need based on the numbers i type in.

    Any help at a novice level would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Sorting with 2 columbs (2000)

    In a database, the sort order in tables is irrelevant. You use queries to sort the data from a table. And reports have their own sorting/grouping mechanism.

    But, if you add an AutoNumber field to a table and use that as primary key, the default sort order of the table will be the order in which records were entered. So perhaps there is no need for separate fields.

    If you want to use the separate SORT fields (columns), you can add them to the Sorting and Grouping window when you design a report. In the design view of a report, select View/Sorting and Grouping (or click the Sorting and Grouping button on the toolbar). Select the fields in the grid in the order you want the records to be sorted.

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