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    Archive Application to CD (Access 97)

    We have an Access 97 Application that uses a special access security .mdw file, an application database and two other linked data databases.

    We need to archive this app onto a CD-R, as it is no longer being used. I've copied all the databases and the security file to one folder and re-linked all the tables in the front-end database. I've tried to make a shortcut to open the database with the correct command line switches for /wrkgrp /ro /excl. The problem is, if you try this shortcut on a machine with access installed in a different location, it ignores all the switches, tries to use the default location of the security database, and won't work.

    Any suggestions on how to make an msaccess.exe "location neutral" (and version neutral if possibel) shortcut with the needed command line parameters?


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    Re: Archive Application to CD (Access 97)

    Access shortcuts have to specifically reference the Access executable *and* the correct security file (assuming there is one) for the command line arguments to work. Shortcuts on removeable media have never worked for me.

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